Grande Fishing Lures 5" Swingtail Blade

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On those days when bass don't want a thumping trailer on the back of a bladed swim-jig, the 5" SwingTail Blade fills the gap perfectly.  Tipped on the back of your favorite bladed swim-jig, the life-like side-to-side swimming action gives bass a subtle finesse alternative that they will not pass up.  The big difference between the SwingTail Blade and other straight tail trailers for a bladed jig is you get a natural, tight swimming action where the others come up short.

For shallow and weightless presentations - we recommend using a 4/0 offset wide gap hook.  The rate of fall is substantial.  You can also let the SwingTail Blade seductively sink through the water column with a slight twitching movement or walk it across the top. Its action makes other soft jerk baits seem stiff with little action.  This is a one of a kind designed soft jerk bait that is outside the traditional box.  6 Per Pack